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Shearing Equipment | Sharpening


Shearing Equipment | Sharpening

Sharpening Service

Fast sharpening service for combs and cutters - we aim to return them to you within 1-2 days.

Post or drop off at the office.

Please send well wrapped with your name, address and contact telephone number.

Comb Sharpening: £1.00 (per comb)
Cutter Sharpening: £0.95 (per cutter)
Clipper Blade Sharpening: £6.50 (per set)
Jakoti Sharpening: £6.50 (per set)

UK return postage £3.95 for any number of combs and cutters.

(International delivery charged by weight - please ring or email for a quote.)

Please ensure all combs and cutters are clean, dry and free of oil to avoid additional washing charges.

  • Ensure combs, cutters and blades are clean, dry and free of oil

  • Wrap combs and cutters tightly in small stacks, held tightly together with tissue or paper.

  • Don’t wrap your combs and cutters in electrical tape, brown tape, duck tape or any other tape!

  • Package tightly into a suitable cardboard box. You can use a jiffy bag if combs and cutters are well protected but don’t be tempted by your normal office envelopes – these tear, especially when they get wet.

  • Don’t send sharpening in plastic boxes – more often than not the box will arrive broken.

  • Remember to include a note with your name, address and contact telephone number – let us know in your note if you need to order anything extra when we return the sharpening, alternatively click here for a printable sharpening form.

Shearing Equipment | Sharpening