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Liveryman Harmony Plus Trimmer

The Liveryman Harmony Plus is categorised as a trimmer or light duty clipper. It's the perfect machine for nervous or young horses as one of the quietest machines in it's range. The handpiece is small, lightweight and produces minimal vibrations making it easy to clip hard to reach areas. It can be operated off its integral battery, a battery pack or off the mains and does not require tensioning.

This trimmer can also be used on cattle or sheep for showing. Predominantly for sensitive or hard to get to areas such as the head, ears, udders and legs.

The Integral battery provides up to 2 hours clipping time and the additional battery pack will provide users with an extra 4 hours clipping time.


  • Liveryman Harmony Plus Handpiece
  • Liveryman 10 Wide blade that leaves 2.4mm of hair
  • Liveryman 10 Narrow blade that leaves 1.5mm of hair
  • Charger/Mains adaptor with UK and EU plugs
  • Small bottle of clipping oil and brush
  • Durable plastic carry case

Liveryman Harmony Plus Trimmer

Integral Battery Charging Time2.5 hours
Integral Battery Operation Time2 hours
Battery Pack Charging Time4 hours
Battery Pack Operation Time4 hours
Weight490 grams

Availability: In Stock


Additional Battery Pack
With Additional Battery Pack (+67.50)
Without Additional Battery Pack