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Liscop Super Profi 3000 Cattle Clipper (Shearing Head)

German made, professional clipper.

Heavy duty 430W motor, perfect for dirty cattle clipping as well as light shearing, belly clippng or dagging sheep. Can also be used on clean/show cattle with suitable comb.

The handy ergonomic grip at the shear head and the well balanced weight distribution ensure fatigue-free clipping even under constant use.


  • 1 Standard Longhorn 76MB Comb and 1 Longhorn Cutter

  • Spanner - width 12mm

  • Bottle of clipper oil (50ml)

  • Case for transport and storing

These cattle clippers are compatible with all modern sheep shearing combs and cutters.

Compatible Combs
  • Dirty- 13 tooth Standard Longhorn Combs 76MB
  • Clean- 20 tooth Longhorn Cattle Combs 77MB, 20 tooth Beiyuan Cattle Comb
  • Show- 25 tooth Heiniger Shattle, 23 tooth Lister fine set for cattle- CC23, 23 tooth Lister fine comb for cattle
Compatible Cutters
  • Longhorn, Lister, Heiniger, Supershear, Beiyuan.

Liscop Super Profi 3000

Connecting Voltage230v
Motor Power430W
Power SourceMains
Dimensions WxHxL57 x 54 x 285mm
Weight (no electric cord)1300 g
Maximum Ambient Temperature0C - 40C
Maximum Air Humidity10% - 90% (relative humidity)
Sound-pressure Levelca. 75 dB (A)
Clipping VelocityApprox. 2200 RPM

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Longhorn Farmers Pack (4 combs, 8 cutters)
No Farmers Pack
Wide Farmers Pack (+68.00)
Standard Farmers Pack (+64.00)