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Heiniger Xtra Shearing Machine

A Motor-In-Handpiece Machine with a precison made 240V motor to reduce vibration. The machine also features a patented floating fork system which gives up to 50% more life for combs and cutters by evenly distributing tension on the comb and cutter.

Sheep clipper perfect for dagging, belly clipping or light shearing. May also be used as a cattle clipper.

Mains lead with 13 amp plug - plugs straight into 240 volt mains supply.

Includes 2 Heiniger Ovina combs and 2 Jet cutters, screwdriver and oil bottle.

All our machines come with full warranty. We offer full servicing and repairs in our own workshop.

Heiniger Xtra

Motor power320 watts
Speed2400 dbs/min
Power SourceMains
Length350 mm
Weight1530 g
Noise emission (LpAm)80 dB (A)
Instruction BookDownload

Part Number

230V EU712-600
230V GB712-630
120V US712-670

Availability: In Stock


Longhorn Farmers Pack (4 combs, 8 cutters)
No Farmers Pack
Wide Farmers Pack (+64.00)
Standard Farmers Pack (+60.00)

Plug Type
UK Plug   
EU Plug