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Heiniger USV Cattle Clipper

Cattle clipper with unbeatable power and durability.

With its powerful 320 watt motor, the Heiniger USV is ideal for clean cattle and can also be used for somewhat dirty cattle with the appropriate blades. This cattle clipper is ideal for larger herds due to it's extreme reliabiltiy.


  • Storage case

  • Bottle of Clipper Oil

  • Air filter Brush

  • Screwdriver

  • 1 set of Heiniger Coarse Blades

Compatible Blades
  • Somewhat Dirty- Coarse Heiniger Cattle Blades 21/23
  • Show/Clean- Fine Heiniger Cattle Blades 31F/15, Standard Heiniger Cattle Blade 31/15
  • Surgical- Surgical Heiniger Cattle Blades 53/23
Also suitable as a horse clipper.

Heiniger USV

Motor power320 watts
Speed2400 dbs/min
Power SourceMains
Dimensions (W/H/L)79 mm x 72 mm x 330 mm
Weight, excl. cable1530 g
Noise emission (LpAm)80.1 dB (A)
Max ambient temperature0C - 40C
Max air humidity10% - 90% (relative)
Acceleration (ahw)< 4.6 m/sec
Instruction BookDownload

Part Number

230V EU701-600
230V GB701-400
120V US701-660

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