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Shearing Trailer

Self catching shearing trailer.

Benefits of the Shearing Trailer:

  • Galvanised steel work, for long life.
  • Galvanised steel grating floor.
  • Sits on the floor when in use.
  • Easily winches on to trailer chassis by one person, ready for transit.

  • 3 Stand Trailer for up to 3 shearers, 2 Stand trailer for up to 2 Shearers.

    Overall size including chassis:
    415cm long x 133cm wide x 142cm high

    Pen Size:
    320cm Long x 133cm wide x 104cm high

    Please note the 2 stand trailer has mesh gates at both ends rather than wooden.

    Contact to arrange collection or delivery. Extra charges apply for delivery.
    Availability: In Stock

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