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Lister Nova with Flexible Driveshaft

The Lister Nova is a 240 volt mains sheep shearing machine from Lister Shearing with flexible drive.

Single speed machine for farmers/shearers. Comes with upgraded heavy duty flexi drive (not standard green plastic drive).

Designed and manufactured in the UK.

Low starting current and lightweight casing.

All our machines come with full warranty. We offer full servicing and repairs in our own workshop.

Requires a handpiece (not included).

We also offer services and repairs for this sheep shearing machine, please press here for more details.

Lister Nova

Motor Rated VoltageStandard - 220-240V 50Hz - Single Phase
Motor Power250W - 1/3HP
Drive Speed2800 RPM
Instruction BookDownload

Availability: In Stock



Longhorn Farmers Pack (4 combs, 8 cutters)
No Farmers Pack
Wide Farmers Pack (+64.00)
Standard Farmers Pack (+60.00)

Plug Type
UK Plug   
EU Plug