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Heiniger 12 volt Cattle Clipper

12 volt motor-in-handpiece machine. Ideal for clipping dirty cattle. Also suitable for general dagging or shearing a few sheep.

Complete machine. Battery leads connect to your vehicle battery, or spare vehicle battery.

Includes 2 Ovina combs and 2 Jet cutters, screwdriver and oil bottle.

All our machines come with full warranty. We offer full servicing and repairs in our own workshop.

These cattle clippers are compatible with all modern sheep shearing combs and cutters.

Compatible Combs
  • Dirty- 13 tooth Standard Longhorn Combs 76MB
  • Clean- 20 tooth Longhorn Cattle Combs 77MB, 20 tooth Beiyuan Cattle Comb
  • Show- 25 tooth Heiniger Shattle, 23 tooth Lister fine set for cattle- CC23, 23 tooth Lister fine comb for cattle
Compatible Cutters
  • Longhorn, Lister, Heiniger, Supershear, Beiyuan.

Heiniger 12V Shearer

Motor power160 watts
Speed2250 dbs/min
Power Source12V battery (vehicle)
Length310 mm
Weight 1230 g
Noise emission (LpAm)80 dB (A)
Instruction BookDownload

Part Number

Part Number712-100

Availability: In Stock


Longhorn Farmers Pack (4 combs, 8 cutters)
No Farmers Pack
Wide Farmers Pack (+68.00)
Standard Farmers Pack (+64.00)