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Zipper II

This is a lightweight sheep shearing handpiece, ideal for clipping backs at in wintering. Also for pre-slaughter.

More POWER - has a Permanent magnet motor.

LESS EFFORT - Easier to hold and lightweight- only 1.2kg without the electric cable.

  • 2 shearing combs + 2 cutters

  • Shearer's Screwdriver

  • Aluminium Storage Case

  • Brush to clean Air Intake

  • Oil Bottle

  • 5.7 Metre electrical cable
Also for all-year - round sheep jobs - tailing ewes, dagging, shearing. Every sheep and beef farmer should have one!
All normal sheep shearing combs and cutters fit.

FULL REFUND IF NOT 100% SATISFIED! Give it a go... see for yourself how much easier it is!

All machines come with our own full warranty. We offer full after-sales and long term servicing and repairs in our own workshop.

Electrical safety: use a circuit breaker (RCD) with all 240 volt shearing machines.


Cut Speed2600RPM
Grip Diameter53mm
Instruction BookDownload

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Longhorn Farmers Pack (4 combs, 8 cutters)
No Farmers Pack
Wide Farmers Pack (+63.00)
Standard Farmers Pack (+59.00)

Circuit Breaker
No Circuit Breaker
Plug type (+10.00)
Heavy duty in-line (+54.00)

Plug Type
UK Plug   
EU Plug